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Conero Riviera

Charming town

Located inside the Parco del Conero, Numana is divided into an upper part, on the slope of the hill, and a lower part, along the port and the beach. The coast has achieved the coveted Blue Flag recognition for the cleanliness and livability of its beaches. It has a double conformation: to the north of the small port it has a cliff-like coast, with beaches hidden between inlets; to the south, up to Marcelli, a large beach of fine gravel, more easily accessible. From the gardens it is possible to enjoy a remarkable view of the entire coast, as well as from the terrace of the tower. Behind the city open the cultivated fields and the Mediterranean bush. Mount Cònero in the background forms a suggestive setting for the diversified.


places to visit

  • Starting from the south we find the pebble beach of  Marcelli or Numana Bassa, ideal for families as it is comfortable and spacious. The beach is well cared for and equipped with many bathing establishments that follow one another along the coast up to the Port of Numana.

  • Beyond the port we find the cove of  Numana Alta, also called  Spiaggiola, also equipped, perfect for snorkelers, looks like a natural swimming pool as thanks to the protection of the rocks the sea is always very calm.

  • Continuing we find another beautiful cove, very private and truly enchanting, is the  Sottosanta beach  (today called the beach of the Friars), also equipped and ideal for snorkeling.

For  reach the beaches,  but also the historic center  in an easier way and without having to find parking (which in high season is often a problem), the Municipality offers a very convenient shuttle service.

Find out the times of the  transport service  free summer in Numana.

Clear and transparent waters, a panorama that excites, impossible not to be enchanted by this sea.

Spiaggia del Frate

Frate beach overlooking the

Monte Conero

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